How Sri Lanka attracts Arab tourists?

How Sri Lanka attracts Arab tourists?

Sri Lanka attracts tourists from countries all over the world. Countries from the middle east are well known for their interest in visiting Sri Lanka. Most Arab tourists are Muslims! Sri Lanka is a “friendly country” so to pray or to find halal food, it’s more convenient in a country like Sri Lanka.

Not every country has a mosque in every street, in Sri Lanka you do. Whenever you visit Sri Lanka, you feel the fresh air, welcoming people and a stunning environment that attracts anyone.

Here are the main reasons why Arabs travel to Sri Lanka;

  1. Friendly country, that welcomes almost everyone and every family.
  2. Easy access to mosques and prayers on time.
  3. Halal food is available everywhere.
  4. Best customer service and rates.
  5. Arabic speaking drivers and tour guides.

The above facts make Sri Lanka one of the friendliest countries for the Arabs, hence that’s the reason why they are so much interested.

Sadurshan Saravana

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

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