New York to Syndey 19 hour flight breaks record

New York to Syndey 19 hour flight breaks record

Qantas, an Australian airline just broke the record of air travel. Successfully, Qantas has completed the first commercial non-stop flight from New York to Syndey. This air travel might have helped science, researching the effects of very long flights.

Recording at 19 hours and 16 minutes, this journey even made travelers participate in exercises to keep their bodies supple. The study took all sorts of measures, which includes tracking melatonin, alertness, and brain waves of the pilots.

This study was a part of Project Sunrise, Qantas effort to study long air travels. Next up is London to Syndey flight which will take off in November.

While this is extremely time-saving and of course the gains are really cleary, the major problem comes with saving the fuel. For this Qantas reduced the passengers to 49, which was approx 280.

But I guess no one likes transit flights, do we? Is this a profitable and more reliable option? If time is a thing, it is. But when it comes to the bigger picture, only time will tell.

Sadurshan Saravana

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