Top 10 Best Value Destinations to travel to in 2020 by Lonely Planet

Top 10 Best Value Destinations to travel to in 2020 by Lonely Planet

As a traveler, every one of us likes to get the most out of our buck. Lonely Planet has been/is a valuable source for international travelers to explore more destinations. It also helps most travelers to choose a destination too.

Lonely Planet released its best value destinations for an affordable adventure in 2020. Let’s explore the top 10 best value destinations of 2020.

1. East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

This destination welcomes beach lovers, which also opens up for great diving. You can expect thinner crowds than Bali and also East Nusa Tenggara offers very budget-friendly deals for global travelers.

2. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is the capital and the most popular city in Hungary. Travelers all around the world travel to Budapest each year, unmatchable value for money deals you can expect. You can experience thermal baths, edgy ‘ruin bars’ and amazing cafes.

3. Madhya Pradesh, India

This city is for wildlife lovers. Madhya Pradesh offers excellent wildlife spotting for more cheaper than in Africa. In this state of India, you can see tigers, wild boars, and langur monkeys! With fewer crowd than Rajasthan there are also a considerable amount of temples in Madya Pradesh that you can visit.

4. Buffalo, NY, USA

Buffalo, NY is a city in which its architecture speaks history. With more budget air routes to the city, travelers can head to this city to explore the recently restored Frank Lloyd Wright houses of the Graycliff Estate and Martin House Complex, or the Children’s Museum opening in 2020. Another bonus is that Niagara Falls is just half an hour away by bus, so you can sneak in an extra day trip.

5. Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan might not be on your list for European holidays. But you can get high-quality accommodation, food, and sightseeing at very low prices. Azerbaijan is a fascinating and fast destination.

6. Serbia

Serbia is a very less explored European country. Serbia has the best outdoor adventures, spas and wineries, and ancient monasteries. This all comes under a very low price since the value for the buck!

7. Tunisia

If you are looking for a North African trip for a good price, Tunisia is the best choice. There’s a lot to do for travelers in Tunisia. Explore the Medina of Tunis, or the ancient remains of Carthage or explore the Saharan dunes made famous in Star Wars.

8. Cape wine region, South Africa

Don’t mistake this for Cape Town. Cape wine region is just a few miles away from Cape Town. This city welcomes travelers and consists of places for wine and dine but also wildlife. The exchange rates are quite good here since the budget-friendly best value destination.

9. Athens, Greece

Athens is a history filled city. It doesn’t cost a penny to admire the Acropolis or wander the history-filled streets of Athens. With a pedestrianized center, travelers can wander around, stop off at inexpensive restaurants or head off to the beach.

10. Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous region of Tanzania. The best way to reach Zanzibar is by taking a ferry from Tanzania. Zanzibar is a place for beach lovers with affordable rates.

Therefore those were the top 10 best value destinations rated by Lonely Planet. Which city you would travel to?

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