Will Presidential Elections affect Tourism in Sri Lanka?

Will Presidential Elections affect Tourism in Sri Lanka?

After catastrophic easter attacks, Sri Lanka the country this is ranked #1 for Travel (in Lonely Planet) has recovered significantly faster than expected.

With that being said, the country has its major politic change after 5 years (2015), the presidential elections which will take place on November 16th November 2019. Most of the travelers who are interested in visiting Sri Lanka are now concerned about, will this political chaos affect my trip? Will the presidential elections have an impact on tourism in Sri Lanka? Is it safe to travel Sri Lanka during presidential elections?


On the 16th of November, one of the most tourist attracted country Sri Lanka will have its 8th Presidential elections. This is the country that took a major attack on its heart on 21st April 2019.

Defying the odds, Sri Lanka got ranked #1 to travel by Lonely Planet, not to mention this was the same country that had years of Civil War. A country which was named too unsafe to travel. Almost after 10 years, Sri Lanka has better transport links, a growing number of activities, high luxurious hotels and an increasing number of tourists every year.

tourism sri lanka after elections

This time, Sajith Premadasa from UNP and Gotabhaya Rajapaksa from Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna are the candidates from the major parties.

Now that the presidential elections are around the corner (16th November), I saw several posts on travel forums like.. “Should I cancel my trip to Sri Lanka cause of elections?” , “Is it safe to travel Sri Lanka during presidential elections?” and a lot more…

Is the country in political unrest?No“.. Maybe…

As a citizen of Sri Lanka, I can tell you that life is normal here regardless of the political meeting and gatherings. Do you have your travel dates on 16th November? Well, I’d say you can go ahead and do your trip peacefully.

The same questions were asked during the 7th Presidential elections of Sri Lanka, 2015… Travelers were concerned, questions were asked and even cancelations were offered.

What happened? Lol, Nothing!

Political tension does cause discomfort for travelers, but there is no political tension going on here only the elections 🙂

You are good to go!

Sadurshan Saravana

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

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